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Amazons Flying Warehouse : Deliveries Through Drone

Amazon is growing to more vast spheres with every passing year. Now, it is reportedly said that it is looking into the possibility of use of huge airships as mobile and flying warehouses that will help this online retailer to deliver its ordered goods through drones. Amazon’s drone delivery went live at a demo in United States of America. Amazon’s idea of a fleet of large airships is being called as ‘airborne fulfillment centers’. The motive behind such a massive plan is to deliver goods in just a matter of minutes.

Imagine you are enjoying baseball game in the stadium and want a jersey to show some support to your team. So you order it through your smart phone and a drone delivers it just minutes after you placed the order. You shopped without ever moving just a bit form your seat.

The main aim:

With the Amazon’s drone delivery demo, it became clear that the company is aiming at delivery within 30 minutes after purchase but with the whole airship plan, this time period will be further reduced to just few minutes. The above explained example is the clear front use of these moving airborne fulfillment centers. Unlike the company’s land-based warehouses, these flying warehouses can be an instant response to the demand. They can also result in decrease in the cost of drone delivery.

The design:

The idea of a drone is similar for both the land based system and the airborne fulfillment center.  But the difference is also significant. Sending the drones from land require substantial amount of energy to take off but drones from an airborne system  would be more efficient to deploy as they will be able to travel most of the distance towards earth under gravity. Amazon has submitted diagrams in the patent filing that describe the working of the whole system. This technology can be revolutionary if once turned into actual product. Hopefully we will get to see drones delivering at our door steps or even in our hands may be.

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