Android Nougat Features & Updates

The latest version of the Android OS is the Android N which is also known as the Android Nougat. It is the 7th upgrade from Google Inc., and it was released officially on the 22nd of August 2016, with the Nexus devices as the initial recipient of this update.

The Android Nougat shows a lot of advancements and refining that is better than the previous android operating system Marshmallow. The Nougat shows significant improvements to the OS and its platform, which includes; displaying many applications on the screen simultaneously through a split-screen display, faster notifications, and also an Open JDK-based support for Vulkan graphics, and supports updating of system on devices.

android n features

Here are the new Android N features :

  • Easier and Quicker Updates

The Android Nougat comes with this exciting feature of updating your mobile device while you are doing other things on your device. It allows for background update of the OS, you won’t have to do anything which is very similar upgrade experience of the Chrome operating system. You only have to restart your device to wrap it up.

  • Multi-window multitasking

The Android Nougat enables you to view more than a task on your device simultaneosly. That’s what is called Multi-window; multiple windows are displayed on your screen.

We have seen similar features with Samsung for a while now that has the same name. However, Google has made it possible for any application to work with a developer.

  •  Improved Notifications

With the Android Nougat, notification is received and replied better. You needn’t install any extra thing or open any application. Once the feature is supported, it will work. It doesn’t stop you from opening the app if you want to view everything, with a better shoving a lot of notifications, everything becomes easier to see.

  • Vulkan Application Programming Interface support

The Android Nougat supports Vulkan API, which gives a vast improvement in the gaming quality, Virtual Reality, and several graphically powerful applications on your mobile devices.

Vulkan is created as an effective substitute for the OpenGL, it makes game development easier and more interesting.

  • Daydream VR

The Android Nougat is the operating system where Virtual Reality plans where fully showcased by Google. Google’s latest Virtual Reality platform is Daydream. This targets making creating and using VR contents smoother and easier. Compatibility of the Daydream to new devices is limited, so , it works on  new devices and devices such as Google Nexus.

  • Android TV Recording and Picture-in-Picture

The Android Nougat comes along with basic DVR functionality, which it’s a good improvement for Android TV. Besides basic controls like Play or Rewind, you get to record multiple sessions. This means you can setup recordings or record as you watch.

  • Security Improved

The Android Nougat features makes things more secure on your smart devices. For instance when you start up your phone, some apps would partially work and some will work fully. But when you fully sign in into the phone, everything will begin to work fully and normal. This feature helps to keep your data safe if your phone gets stolen or lost. And it also synergizes well with the remote feature of Android device manager.

  • Reduced Mobile Data Usage

On Android Nougat tools, you can prevent overage data charges from your phone company. The recent data settings blocks background usage of data and also restrict activities such as checking for emails and tweets so as to reduce the data usage of your phone.

The Android N has lots of interesting features that makes the Android more smoother, smarter and more elegant than ever.Find out more about android nougat on official site

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