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Google Allo: Your New Smart Messenger

Google has a record of setting things on fire with everything they do. Now, they have brought us a smarter messaging app named Google Allo. It is available on both platforms – android and ios. The app is made to launch amidst all its rivals like whatsapp and facebook messenger. This makes it mandatory for the app to have something unique and interesting to persuade people to choose this over other similar apps. It is not a replacement of the failed Google hangouts app but is completely different from it. Let us see what makes it stand high in the crowd of other popular messaging allo features

What is with the smart replies?

Google’s Artificial intelligence and machine learning is giving quite a competition to its challengers. The smart reply feature is a consequence of it. This option offers you to send quick replies which are smart and appropriate too. When you receive a text, the smart reply presents you a number of suggestions of reply to choose from.

If you are busy checking your flight details but want the conservation to stay on a go, just a tap is going to resolve your problem. Moreover, according to Google this feature improves with your habits and choices over time. The more you use, the more natural it becomes. It is going to adjust to your style, effortlessly.

Personal Google Assistant:

The personal assistant is also an addition to the app. You can now chat with the Google and get thing done directly from the chat. The preview addition of the Google assistant lets you ask questions and help you with your tasks. Surprisingly, this means that you are not required to leave your friend’s conversation to just check on an address or may be to find some place to dine. Your personal assistant is all you need to do things for you. Isn’t it interesting as well as chatty? Undoubtedly, it is.

The main idea behind installing this virtual assistant is to provide assistance to people in their daily life activities. The chats with Google are contextual. The assistant remembers the last chat you had, so you can start from where you left.

The incognito mode:

A major concern when we use any kind of messaging app is privacy and security. Normally, all chats are encrypted with standard technologies but what is interesting in here? Google has now added an incognito mode to the app. This allows you to have an end to end encryption with addition of other features like discreet notifications and expiration of messages. You can now have private chats and private notifications.

Other features:

Emojis and stickers are quite in use these days. The app features expressions as a collection of these. The ‘whisper shout’ allows adjusting the size of the text with the help of a slider. Whispering is a small text while shouting is a large text. This makes it possible for you to express the intensity of your chats. You can emphasize certain messages and whisper others. Videos and GIFs are other popular features that are very certain to be added.

Google was required to have a fresh start with its messaging services and this app is it. It is fair to have some minor defects but they are surely going to fade away with time and more updates. Overall, Google Allo is a completely fine app.

Download : Android App  | IOS App

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