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Google And Honda: Teaming up for self driving cars

According to a recent news bulletin, Honda said that it is in talks with the Google’s Waymo to feature their cars with self-driving capabilities. The Waymo is Google parent Alphabet Inc’s new standalone company. With this Honda is going to be the second potential customer for the automation software. The effort is basically standardized to build partnerships with the automakers and others which will ultimately commercialize their seven years of research into the field. A formal agreement by both the parties is going to confirm the reports of a close working relationship between the two.

What is Waymo?

The company is a standalone organization under the Google’s Parent company and acts like a venture-based start up. It is executed by John Krafcik and works on the goal of developing self-driving cars for all. The company builds software and sensor technology which is continuously being refined through number of simulated as well as on road tests.

Waymo is producing fully automated and self driving cars. It is applying the technological advancement of the self-driving cars to the practical businesses. Lately Google has shown its interest in tackling issues attributed to the loss of lives due to car accidents. Seemingly, Waymo is the product of this sphere of Google’s interest book.

The Behind Story

Earlier the company signed up with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to equip the technology into their minivans. With the agreement being signed, Honda will provide the company with modified automobiles which will be able to accommodate this self-driving technology. The engineers of the carmaker company are then speculated to work closely with the Waymo’s team of specialists.

Honda articulated in an official statement that it is preparing to learn the process of integrating Waymo’s software and sensors into their vehicles through a collaboration between the both. The approach of Honda is to reach the abilities of the self driving cars from different angles and this step can potentially make new innovations a little quicker. The details have not been leaked to the public yet but we are hoping to see a fair deal soon.

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