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Google PhotoScan: Get Your Photos Digitized

Well, we all have our embarrassing memories stored in the family scrapbooks as old pictures. Some of them are even embodied into classy frames and hanged on the walls. Some pictures of you might have been lost and the regret is still biting your heart. This decade is obviously not about prints but digitals. You are not afraid of losing track of your photos with so many of back up apps available.

To solve the problem of old print photos, Google has recently launched its new app called ‘Google PhotoScan’. It has made easy to digitize and share old photos by removing all the clumsiness of the prints. Basically you are taking picture of a picture.

The interface:

google photoscan

The Google PhotoScan app is available free of cost for both android and iPhone users at their respective platforms. For android you must have at least version 5.0 (lollipop) or above. The Google photoscan is undoubtedly applause worthy in terms of its quality as well as its smooth user interface.

Furthermore, you are not even required to login and it is more than easy to use. Also, you can easily save the newly digitized photos to the cloud. The digitized picture is cropped automatically with absolutely minimal or no glare problems. The table or anything on which the print is placed will be eliminated without any of your efforts.

For now, there are not much editing options available. You are just stuck with orientation and cropping but hopefully the updates will bring us new colors. To improve the results, a well-lit is advisable. Obviously in some situations you may find few shot issues but otherwise the quality is striking.

How to:

google photoscan app

The app’s first view is the camera which instructs you to position your print photo in the frame. On clicking the shutter button, easily recognizable dots will appear on the phone. Another movable circle will be found in the frame. Once you follow the first instruction, you will have to move your phone to each dot and hold until the circle is filled. This is all you have to do to get your photo scanned. Isn’t it simple? Well, you would never find anything that basic. The app basically takes four different shots of the same picture and sews them together seamlessly. The result will be a single photograph with no lags at all.

The Final word:

According to the product development head of Google photos, this new app is brought to persuade people to digitize their photos before they mistakenly lose them to some garbage. This Google PhotoScan app is a broader perspective of the already running Google photos app. It is released as a part of it. Such a dedicated scanning app is acting as a strong tool to bring your old memories to life. It is better to have an app that allows you to save all your memories for a life time, reducing the risk of them fading away under some uncertain conditions.

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