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What’s new in ios 10 | iOS 10 features list

The new iOS 10 is more playful, powerful and personal and everything you loved is now gotten better with the iOS 10. It is the biggest release by now. You are now able to express yourself in the new ways using the message. Find the new route with the beautiful redesigned maps and relive the memories like it has never been before in the photos. You can use the power of Siri in many apps compared to what you believed in before.

Here are the iOS 10 features :


  • Write it as you want:

ios-10-write your self

you can now send the message using the own handwriting and the friends may see it while being animated and it will look as if  it is an ink that it is following at the paper.

  • Decide on how you are able to say it:

You can change the way that the bubble look like. It can show that you are proud, you are loud or you are whispering.

  • Invisible ink:

You may send the photo or the message that remains hidden then you may swipe in order to reveal this.

  • Celebrate:


You can say some things like Congratulation or Happy Birthday with the congratulations that will take over an entire screen.

  • Tap back:


You can tap and then send one among the six quick responses so that people may be aware of things you think about.

  • Personal touch:

You are able to send the sketches, heartbeat and fireballs and even more while you can also draw on the videos.

  • Stickers:

You can slap at the top of the bubbles and then dress up the photos or even put one at the sticker. This is available with the new app store for the iMessage.

  • Tap in order to replace the emoji:

You may swap out the works with the emoji with just one touch.

  • iMessage:

This app is accessible easily on the favorite apps in order to create and to share the content, to make the payment and even more without having to leave the messages

  • Siri is now an open app:

Siri does work with the favorite app from the app store and you can ask it to book the ride using the Lyft and to send money to another person using Square Cash.

  • Maps are now used to make reservation:

You can book the table using the app such as Uber, OpenTable and other map options.

  • Street smarter:

street smarter ios 10

The maps may be proactive suggestion for the person depending on where he is and the fastest way to reach to that place

  • Search what it is on your road:

You can search around the road to see what it is found in the corner or where you can get the closest places like Coffee, food and gas. The maps may tell you how much of the extra time it may take to arrive in your area.


iOS 10 will take less memory on the device compared to the old predecessors. Find out more about iOS 10 features on official website

iOS 10 supported devices :

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5

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