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Macbook PRO: The Update ‘Fixes’ Inaccurate battery estimation

Apple bought in the long awaited update to its Mac book in October this year which is described as the ‘thinnest and lightest’ and ‘most powerful’ pro design. The machine has a redesigned new look as well as a new hardware. The brand new touch bar is one feature that is setting a difference between the older versions and this new one. The contextual settings and visual settings give you the change based on the app you are using. The display improved too providing better contrast and brightness coupled with more life to the colors. The skylake processors are made more efficient with faster drives.

The device had some mixed reviews with certain mentioning it to be convenient and worth a use while others invalidated the pro’s premium price tag.


Many MacBook owners have recently reported about the poor battery life that is nowhere near 10 hours as Apple originally claimed. It is clear from the tweets made by some frustrated users that the battery life of the new macbook pro drops very significantly within 3-6 hours.

That is obviously not even near to the assertion of straight 10 hours. Moreover, the complaints and the criticism faced by the apple’s MacBook pro for its battery life are quite underlined. A few major updates the users received were not expected to be this underwhelming.


Yesterday, apple released its latest update – the macOS 10.12.2. The new update is claimed and reported to have stability improvements with major fixes for several key bugs. The most interesting of all is the removal of the ‘time remaining’ battery life indicator. The step is made in response to the several complaints registered about the short battery life. Many users have reportedly mentioned about the improvements in the battery life after this latest update that rolled in a day back.

So now the book will not have any indication of the poor battery life, just the percentage will come up on the displays. It is not relevant to say if the battery has all together improved but at least there is no real time countdown to tell you the future of your battery.

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