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Microsoft Teases Cortana Powered Audio Hardware

*Rivaling Amazon’s Echo and Google Home*

The AI home assistants are getting into trend. We already have Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home in the market. But a recent teaser released by Microsoft is also telling us the same story. Yes! You heard it right. Microsoft is soon going to launch its first audio hardware AI Home assistant device. With all the hardware, we are going to get its assistant ‘Cortana’ too.

The official Windows YouTube channel uploaded a video which shows the audio speakers answering to the questions using Microsoft voice assistant Cortana. Not much information is leaked out to the public but hopefully we are getting our hands on it soon in 2017.

Take a Look at the Video

The insider:

Microsoft is releasing Cortana to third party hardware companies and the first one to work with it is the ‘Harman Kardon’. Undoubtedly, we are going to get premium audio coupled with a personal assistant. The integration of cortana with third party appliances is made possible by the Microsoft’s Cortana Devices Software Development Kit. This will allow cortana to work with everything from cars to speakers and to home appliances.

A statement made by the Microsoft’s group Program Manager for Cortana at a press conference revealed the intensions of the company to open cortana to all kinds of devices.

A discussion that is rooting since the announcement is all about the product name. The company so far does not seem willing to give the device a name unlike the Amazon and Google who are releasing ‘named-products’. A perspective that can be concluded out of such a step is the approach of Microsoft to integrate Cortana into everyday objects and not some special devices.

The broader vision of Microsoft is to allow cortana to be a feature into everyday devices ranging from a refrigerator to a car. While some critics are not really in support of the ‘no-brand-name’ thing but there are others who like the idea.  So the sentiments are mixed for now but hopefully we will get to see something unique with all the fire that Microsoft is setting.

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