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PUP Scanner : A Revolution that fits into your pocket

Digitization of this century is carrying up the metamorphosis of the market. Every transformation or invention is bringing up new innovations and creating breakaways.

With all the regime changes, a sense of power came into the definition of technology. The credit goes to those who have worked to put tremendous competence in a handful of technology. The old-fangled ways are now being replaced with the latest technology like Indiegogo’s Pup- the connected pocket scanner.

Pup scanner is the smallest and the very first smart scanner ever launched. From remembering little details of the cards to managing office files, this is all you need. Moreover, it requires easy handling and works on the most convenient scanning process you could find.


The features of PUP Scanner:

The Auto-features include Auto-crop, Auto-rotation, Auto-upload, and Auto-press. The scanning quality is maintained through sharpness control, anti-reflection and curve fixture. It is featured with an offline memory of 1000 pages. It can give a colored scan with the conventional black and white one.

The battery life is for about 12 hours. Wireless, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity is also incorporated into the Pup. High level security features are also a plus. Tiny characters like those in a newspaper are easily readable.

Furthermore we can also use a mosaic feature that allows capturing of multiple sub-parts in HD and later fuse them to produce a better image. The company is also providing an OCR feature that will let you extract fragments of text from an image. Later, these fragments can either be imported into word or excel.

The official Indiegogo’s site claims to have worked with a strong team of engineers and designers, so we can expect a high-end product.

Activating Pup:

A first time user will be directed to a mail scenario. This means that everything you scan will be automatically emailed you to your provided email address. It is a very easy use device.

Choose your area to be scanned. Do not worry about the size as the Pup adjusts itself to every dimensions of the document. You just have to fit the laser to the appropriate size of the page coupling it with the press of scan button. In no time, you document will be scanned and also sent to your phone via the email.

A major function installed into the device is its capability to generate a 3D model of the scanned document which is later used to fix minor issues through its feature of curve fixture.

Such a sleek proposal which is intended to produce better results with minimum efforts deserves a yes.

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