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Self Driving Cars: Nissan also jumps into testing [See Video]

Autonomous vehicles are not a story now, they are getting real. Although, it can be said that we are still a decade away from truly self driving cars but a step closer must be appreciated for now.

We have obviously known some premium car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and the famous Tesla who have brought in the taste of this technology into their vehicles. These systems are able to stay at a safe distance from the vehicles ahead, maintain lane discipline and quickly stop when the traffic slows.

While everyone is not a premium buyer so the demand is shifting towards the mainstream car designing. This is slowly attracting some major car manufacturers to work on the autonomous behavior of their cars.

Nissan’s ‘Self-driving’ Car Testing:

European roads are soon going to evidence Japanese car-maker Nissan’s Autonomous car testing. The testing will take place in London. Nissan leaf electric cars are going to roll out on the London roads in February from where the testing will be carried further.

This project also aims at educating the general car-buying population about the capabilities and benefits of such self-driven systems. The company will be inviting passengers to have an experience of the future of the car industry.A recent announcement made by the chairman of Nissan Europe, Paul Willcox at the R&D centre confirmed the news.

Here is the video of Nissan Self driving cars’ testing :

As the cars are heading towards their more promising future, the roads will hopefully become safer. More and more companies are investing into this future technology and we will soon be able to get our hands on some better results of these testing.

A broader perspective of this is to give the most precious gift to the customers- Time. It is the time they give back to their customers through such advanced technologies of autonomous vehicles. The theory is quite promising; let us look for what the autonomous technology has in store for us.

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