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Best 5 smartwatches for Android Mobiles

If you want to enter into the wonderful world of the map direction, notification and voice control at your wrist, it is time to get one of the best smartwatches for android mobiles.

When the first wearable came out, the choice of the watches was few and there was nothing inspiring. This has changed and there is a large number of the models that you may decide from. If you want to buy the model at the store, then you have to consider one of the following models.  They are known to be the best at the market and they have been released lately.

Here is the top 5 smartwatches for Android Mobiles :

  • Fossil Q Founder

fossil q founder

The watch has the face which is 45mm and it is too big and it dominates the small wrist. This put aside, it is capable to suit the person with the A founder which is slick.  It is found in different strap combination with the silver stainless steel model that works like a stunner. The watch comes with wireless conductive magnetic charger and it has some features like Activity Tracking,Smartphone Notifications,Music Control.

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  • Motorola Moto 360 2nd generation

moto 360

The new watch is in two sizes which are designed for both women(42 mm) and men’s(42 and 46mm) wrist.  The size of the battery is different and it is based on the watch that was chosen.It has 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM.It has some features like Accelerometer,heart rate monitor and notifications from your phone.

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  • Asus ZenWatch 2

asus-zenwatch 2

The watch may be customized to have different straps and it comes in two options for its size, the 45mm and 49mm. The watch is in the rectangular face and it makes it to sand out of others which are mostly circular.  The models also has different screens of 1.63 inches and 1.45 inches which means you can be able to get the one that will suit you even better.

Zenwatch comes with exclusive watch faces and FaceDesigner,You can customize the total look of watch from your phone! This Watch support ios for iphone 5+ models.

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  • LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane

This is the oldest Android wearable and it is among the best since it was among the first watch to use the mechanical timepiece on the smart watch. The watch is still among the best up to now, regardless if you choose the silver or a gold version and the circular screen is crisp, colorful and bright.

Features : Notifications from your android phone,feeds from social media websites,music player control,Navigation.

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  • Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

This model of Samsung gear has an elegant curved Super AMOLED display for a comfortable fit.It has 4GB internal memory with 512 MB RAM.

Features : It keeps a track of your daily activities, heart rate and measures your pulse. Connect your android phone with bluetooth or wifi to start getting notifications (calls,texts etc) on watch.

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