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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of computerized reality that is viewed using different devices like a computer, gloves, goggles, or headphones. When these devices are used, you can view virtual materials and objects and experience the virtual.

It is also regarded as an immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality technology that replicates an environment or experience, real or imagined, and simulates a user/viewer’s physical presence and environment to allow for user’s interaction.

Virtual Reality technology has been able to help the human sensory organs reproduce virtual experiences in what we smell, taste and touch.

The VR Device

A vr device provides ultimate experience of virtual reality for the wearer.It is made up with head mounted display with separate images for each eye. It is widely being used in playing games or watching videos.

Samsung Gear

There are several technologies out there for making and delivering VR contents. But the Samsung Gear VR is a sweet spot; it is the perfect delivery mechanism to taking contents and gives that experience to the user in any setting. More about Samsung gear


Oculus rift
Oculus rift


Oculus rift developed by Oculus VR (which is now owned by facebook) is another amazing VR device. This device includes specially designed bunch of hardware to create a feel of complete immersion in a three-dimensional world.More about Rift


Application of Virtual Reality to other Industries

VR technology has gained its presence in almost all kinds of industries; from Education, to Entertainment (Music and Cinema), Business and Marketing, Transportation, Construction, and Tourism to name a few.

  • VR and Tourism

One unique aspect of VR and how it affects the tourism industry is the ability of a VR device to take you from one place to another. It gives the user a transformational experience from the place that you are, into another reality altogether. You don’t have to take the body anywhere but you are transporting the mind and that creates an entirely new kind of experience. This is very appealing for the tourism industry.

  • VR and Entertainment

People are just starting to grasp onto VR and its entertainment capabilities, and it is starting to gain grounds in a big way.  For general media and entertainment industry, VR has the potential to change the way and manner by which people share their stories, thoughts and experiences.

  • VR and Marketing

There is no doubt that with VR technology, you have capability to reach far more people than you can from your geographic location, so you can start selling internationally or locally and you can bring people into the experiences as if they were there. And as a buyer you can experience far more products in single viewing in a couple of hours without travelling to every single physical location.

  • VR and Real Estate/Construction

For a property marketer, one of the great opportunities and applications of VR is that it is a really low cost way of transacting business. It is a cost effective and makes try and see how this is going to impact construction and sales of properties with minimum risk and massive impact.

There are a number of free contents that you can download, you can stay at home and grab your VR headset and watch contents. It is an interesting experience when you’re trying to email and use the VR headset at the same time.

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