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Whatsapp Video Calling: The Impression

As social beings, the fact that most of us are users of social networking websites and apps is very relevant. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular messaging services of all times is ‘Whatsapp’. Ever since its launch, we have come across its evolution. It is rolling out many new ‘in-app’ features that are contributing to its uniqueness. With so much competition going around in such messaging apps, it is indeed difficult to maintain the level of your services. Most noteworthy, it is important to keep alive the engagement of your users.

Similarly, to advocate the use of Whatsapp the company has recently launched a new feature of in-app ‘video-calling’. Let us see what is in this offering:

How to activate Whatsapp video calling:

Whatsapp officially launched the new feature and is slowly rolling into android, iPhone and windows users. After a year of testing, the update is finally launched. The user is required to check for the available updates in the respective stores. Also, if your Whatsapp video calling is showing any kind of error, you can also shift to the Whatsapp beta version APK to see if it works. Here are the steps you need to follow to get instant access to the feature on your android device:

  • Search for ‘Whatsapp’ in the Google play and look for Whatsapp Google play listing.
  • At the bottom of the page, a section will say ‘Become a beta tester’.
  • Tap on ‘I am in’ and then confirm.
  • After a wait of few minutes, return back to the listing.
  • Now, update ‘Whatsapp to beta version’.

Certain websites like APK Mirror or APK pure also provide the facility to download the Whatsapp APK with a support for video call.

If you are a windows user, message to ‘support@whatsapp.com’ asking for a spot on the beta. The process might be slow but once you are on the beta, enjoy the feature. The iPhone users are at a loss in the beta spot. You will just have to wait for the feature to roll onto you.

The Impression:

As we know Whatsapp worked for over a year to make a launch of the video-calling feature to such a massive user base. This was done to prevent any bug from interrupting the service. From the starting days as a beta user, the app has evolved. It is a little better than earlier in terms of call connectivity and video quality. Whatsapp took a major step forward by launching the new feature. It is something that makes you feel close to somebody else. The feature is continuously seen to show up and down scales depending on the choppiness of connectivity. Uniquely, the orientation of the video frame adjusts according to the position of the smart phone too. Comparatively, the video quality and data optimization still needs to be looked into.

The comparison:

The users of face time or Skype must have noted the lags in the Whatsapp video calling.  Together with certain improvements in its view, the feature can be made a lot better. Coupled with more data consumption than services like face time and Skype, the users expect a larger and better perspective. A good user experience will help differentiate it from other similar services. Moreover, a smooth interface is always preferable when you are spending more amounts of data on video calling. As for now the results of Whatsapp video calling are not as expected but improvements are surely on their way.

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