Self hosted WordPress or WordPress.com

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free software that allows you to easily create a website of your own. It was created as a blogging system in 2003, providing writers with an easy platform to post their works as blog creation was made easy.

This fantastic site has overtime evolved from being just software for blogging into a content management system (CMS).

As a result of the several widgets, themes and plugins (plugins are mini-programs that enhances or add special features to your website), it can function in many ways. You can use it to create a simple blog and also to create a functional website.

Technically Speaking :

It’s an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.

It is a free software, which means that you can copy, study, run, redistribute it, change or improve it however you want, which makes it easier for you to control the program. Being free software, it is not hard to find, you can download the software for personal installations at WordPress.org or at WordPress.com if you want to use it as a hosted service.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


Both mediums have their pros and cons which need to be considered before you choose which to use.

  • WordPress.com

Using WordPress.com means your website operates on the official severs and you can easily create your website here at no cost, though there are barriers on WordPress.com. You will not have access to many of the themes available on WordPress and you will also need to pay if you are interested in using your domain name.

Pros :

The advantages of WordPress.com are not as much as WordPress.org. Here, you have as much as 3GB of space but after the 3GB, you will have to pay for any extra space you will need. Also, your data is automatically backed up.

Cons :

The disadvantages of WordPress.com is you cannot use plugins, if you are interested in using plugins, you will have to move to the VIP program which costs $3750 per month and that is good money.

Using this site limits your choices of themes, you are stuck with whatever they have to offer, whether you like it or not. They offer a design upgrade which costs $30 dollars per year, this will only enable to change colour but you can’t customize anything.

You will have to pay them $29.97 to hide their ads from your site and you also cannot sell ads on your site except you gotten 25,000 page views in a month. If they approve for you to sell ads, you will have to split the proceeds in half with them.

  • WordPress.org

WordPress.org on the other hand is the self-hosted version, you will have total control of your website, and designing and how your website functions generally as you will run the site on your own web hosting.

Pros :

One of the benefits of using WordPress.org is you own your data, it’s free and very simple to use, you can upload and use your plugins modify your themes to suit your taste, and also make money by using your own advertisement etc.

Cons :

The problem with WordPress.org is you are responsible for backing up your data, a good web hosting may cost you money and as your site grows, so does the cost, you are responsible for your updates etc.


If you are interested in making money with little investment, especially if you are a personal blogger, this self-hosted site is your best choice as it saves you money. It is much cheaper than using paid site and you are still able to control your site.

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